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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Painting Update

Tonight I worked a little more on this project. I still have to adjust the lighting on the Mega Octopus and finish the damn thing, but getting closer.


Jesse_J said...

This is looking awesome so far Ryan!

Not sure if you're still getting to it, but it'd be cool to have that fire highlighting the edge of the octopus's skin, showing some of that orange/yellow reflecting off him.

I also think that the foreground elements, like the space-man and the front-most rubble should be darker than the Octo-guy since they're in foreground, and since they're back-lit by the fire, they could almost be silhouettes with some highlights from the flames and the sun lighting them up.

Anyway, those are my suggestions. It's looking great so far! Keep it up! Let me know how your art show goes! :)

Palmer said...

My only thought was about the octopus. Did he come out of the ground? Or was he slithering around the city crushing and inking everything in his path? I like the orange sky more than the regular blue. It added sci-fi mystery theater 3000. I would like to see more narrative. Like Serpent by Frank Frazetta.