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Sunday, July 31, 2011

"Just letting things happen"

Lately I've been drawing these stream of conscience ink sketches really late at night, and I have to say that they have exceeded my expectations. I believe that it is helping me to resolve deep seeded fears of creating bad drawings. I'm working on making a series of these late night sketch attacks just to see where they take me. there is no meaning to these drawings that I have interpreted yet, but I would love some feed back from you guys who view the blog.


coyotegabe said...

Ryan, I see these drawings as a seminal series in your journey. Breaking through barriers whatever they may be is a heavenly experience. I see a depth and complexity in them that I had not seen before in your work to be honest. I did not know you were fearful of bad drawings. It looks like your trip to see us did you wonders. Connecting with these works.

GkC Art said...

Mr. Love

Your art continues to amaze me every time I look at it!