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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Too Long!

Man!!! I totally forgot how long it takes to do a painting! A Sample

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doomfunk said...

Hey bub, sorry I didn't answer earlier, work has got me down. Get a hold of me after nine my time and we'll be good. As for the drawings....

The one below this, compositionally is much better. This image, the one in color, is almost a push-in from the first, leaving out a lot of information the other conveys. The viewer has a better understanding of the set up of the scene, whereas here, we're placed directly in the midst of something already going on without a sense of our surroundings. For this, theoretically next shot in the sequence, should be more dynamic, allowing for the shot to emphasize the emotional reaction of the audience to the shot prior, reinforcing the feelings the viewers will already be warming up to!

Think about this scene, why is the beast on the bed?

Who's bed is this?

What was the person, who walking into this scene, was a part of prior to entering the room?

Think about those things when creating a painting, whether it's while you're painting it, or sketching it, create the entire story to this so you can understand it and can relay, with ease, to the viewer, exactly what is going and why!

Many painters forgo this perspective, but I think with our background as animators that kind of thinking is essential to our process.

Do it man, make it better. You can, I know you can, you know you can. Make Paul Felix jealous, because you can.


Just saying...